Ice Dam Removal by Everest Seamless Gutters
Ice Dam Removal by Everest Seamless Gutters

Ice Dam Removal

Everest Seamless Gutters offers ice and snow removal services for residential and commercial roof and gutter systems. We use LOW-PRESSURE steamers to remove ice dams from affected areas of your home or building. To protect your roof system while we safely remove snow and ice we use plastic/ poly shovels and roof rakes; absolutely NO METAL!

How we safely remove snow and ice:

Step one: Snow removal. How extensive the ice damming is needs to be determined. The only way to see how far an ice dam extends up the roof is to remove the snow first. We have two options for this. We can remove just far enough up the roof to uncover the ice dam (initially more cost effective), or we can remove all of the snow from your roof. It’s best practice to remove all the snow on the roof. If we only partially remove the snow the remaining snow will continue to melt and refreeze into an ice dam more quickly.

Step two: Steamer Setup. We will need access to water inside your home. The technicians will attach a hose to the closest working water source and then they can fire up the steamer to begin the removal process. The technicians will begin removing the ice dam. They will cut and remove the ice dam in chunks, lifting the chunks off of the roof with the low pressure steam and letting them fall to the designated fall zone below the working area

Step three: Clean up. Depending on how and where you would like the snow and ice chunks moved. Our technicians will clean up the fall area below where the old ice dam occured. As this service is billed hourly, it’s entirely up to you how much ground clean up is needed or wanted.

Step four: Payment and invoicing. Once completed the Everest office will send out an invoice to be paid by check or credit card. A 3% processing fee applies to credit card transactions. A check can be given to the technicians on site. Once payment is received a paid invoice will be emailed to you.

Cost: Everest charges hourly for ice dam removal. Two technicians are required on every ice dam removal job. The hourly rate for two technicians is $450/hr with a three hour minimum. You can expect to pay a minimum of $1350 for two technicians for three hours. The removal can easily require more than a three hour timeline. Due to this reality, the technicians will go over a detailed plan upon arrival, including how much time you’d like them spending on removing roof snow, and how much ground clean up you would like them to do after the ice dam is removed.

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